Trust Egérpad – GXT 750 Qlide RGB

18 500 Ft

  • RGB LED illuminated edges and logo with adjustable colours and intensity (Rainbow wave, colour cycle and 7 fixed colours)
  • Hard base layer with low friction surface, optimized for all mice and sensors
  • Large surface area (350x250x4 mm) with non-slip rubber base
  • Built-in wireless charger (10W max.) to charge your Qi-compatible smartphone at the highest possible speed
  • Touch-and-charge: simply put your smartphone on the pad and it will charge automatically
  • Supports 5W, 7.5W and 10W charging mode
  • Charging indicator LED
  • 2m braided cable

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Trust Egérpad – GXT 750 Qlide RGB (10W Qi töltés; RGB LED világítás; csúszásmentes talp; tapadásmentes f.; 350x250mm)


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